Another Milestone! Our First Bazaar!

August 4-7, 2022, are the days where we finally got to meet our fellow #ClarynWomen face to face for the very first time! And is probably the depict of the words:

“Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much”

To the great individuals that come together as ONE Claryn Team, and the love, support, prayers and positivity that our dearest #ClarynWomen and friends have been sending towards us,

THANK YOU! For making us able to create a lot more happy faces, inspire more people to be BETTER, to be able to meet those happy faces in person, and so much more!

This four-days milestone sounds impossible at first, but you all made it possible! We did it!

Be prepared! For we will unlock “BETTER” milestones together in the future!

Where should we go next? Stay posted through our social medias! 

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