Main Character: What It Takes to Be One

“Romanticize your life!” is something that you probably hear quite often if you spend a lot of your time scrolling through social medias, that phrase is something you would probably see as a trend these days. But what does Romanticizing your life really means? Falling in love with yourself and your life is the key! 

Celebrate those little things, just as much, if not more than the big achievements in your life! At the end of the day, those are what mostly make up life remarkable! While you’re at it, get to know about yourself more, know what you desire, what you love and dislike, and make all of your dreams into actions. Might sounds simple, but again, the smallest simplest things are those that matters the most!

Just loudly exist and be you! - Dance to your favourite music, smile at the littlest things that excite you! Be good to yourself, be good to others! And all that is what it takes to become the Main Character! 

And from all that, born was Claryn’s first content creator collaboration with Alicia Yudos! We hope that our collection will be a constant reminder that you are able and you are worthy of being the Main Character!

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